What do I need for underfloor heating?

What do I need for underfloor heating

Our T2QuickNet underfloor heating systems are very easy to install and only consist of two elements, the mat that contains the heating element and the thermostat that controls the temperature and timer functions.

Underfloor heating mats

Our T2QuickNet underfloor heating mats are an ultra thin mesh mat with the heating cable running through it, at only 3mm thick the mat can be laid directly into the filler or tile adhesive. They are also conveniently maintenance free as the cable will not corrode or scale. They are laid above the floor base such as concrete or floor board and below the final floor covering such as tiles, natural stone or a laminate flooring (if you are laying T2QuickNet under laminate flooring you must also use a self levelling latex filler which is available from all good hardware stores).
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Underfloor heating thermostat

Our underfloor heating thermostats are easy to use with a large illuminated LCD display that will control the temperature of your mats as well as allowing you to control when you'd like the heating to come on and turn off.
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