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Caring for your Electric Underfloor Heating

Caring for your Electric Underfloor Heating

Caring for your electric underfloor heating

Caring for your underfloor heating could not be any easier. When purchasing an electric underfloor heating system from Heat Matters you should be aware that a total care warranty is available.

Try to avoid installing a door stopper over any area you have laid your underfloor heating mats, if you drill into the tile below to install a door stopper, it is likely you will drill into and damage the mat beneath it.

Once the underfloor heating system has been installed, you will automatically be backed by the 12 year worry free product warranty. 

Always refer to the manufacturers guidelines, and if in any doubt please call one of our team who are always available to help.

Extend your warranty to 20 years

Heat Matters have nVent Raychem CertifiedPro installers should you require some help with your installation. These CertifiedPro Installers can extend the 12 year Warranty on offer to 20 years of Total Care Warranty. As our CertifiedPro installers believe in caring for your underfloor heating, they participate in practical hands-on training; product selection, installation tips, testing and commissioning, construction directives and guidelines.

Caring for your electric underfloor heating is our priority at Jointing Tech Trace Heating. If you have any questions relating to your underfloor heating system or need some technical advice before you purchase, our fully trained team will be able to assist you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.