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Underfloor Heating Capabilities

Underfloor Heating Capabilities

Electric underfloor heating capabilities

There has been a huge increase in the demand for electric underfloor heating over the last couple of years and the demand is increasing sharply. Due to increasing natural gas prices, many consumers are now looking at converting from conventional heating systems. When choosing the type of underfloor heating there are many factors to consider and you will need to understand the various underfloor heating capabilities.

Underfloor heating for comfort

The underfloor heating capabilities allow you to have a constant temperature in the room compared with central heating that can have big variations in temperature. This is due to the even heat radiated by underfloor heating, which is managed by a digital thermostat.

If you currently have a conventional heating system with radiators, temperatures in the room can vary from 18?C - 65?C. This is compared to the small temperature variations of electric underfloor heating from 20?C -25?C.

Hydraulic underfloor heating vs. electric underfloor heating

Hydraulic underfloor heating systems connect to your boiler and will often increase your energy bills. The underfloor heating capability of a hot water system will provide you with very warm flooring. The floor temperature will be the same as that which you set for your radiators. A hot water system using gas is a very costly way of heating your floors. In contrast, electric underfloor heating is independent of your central heating system and therefor can be controlled accordingly.

What are you laying on top of your underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is capable of being laid under most flooring types. Our T2 QuickNet underfloor heating mats allow you to install under tiles. However, if you wish to have an expert install your underfloor heating system using an alternative Raychem product, this would allow you to have alternative flooring such as, laminate or wood floors.

So whether you wish to install underfloor heating in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, children’s room or conservatories, this can accomplished with one of our products. 

It would be wise to get advice before installing underfloor heating, so if you would like to speak to a professional from our Underfloor Heating Team, please don't hesitate to contact them on 01483 747 747.